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About Key Harbor Insurance Group

Un Denneny

Un Denneny was a Korean immigrant that came to America in 1988 and became a proud American citizen. In 1999, Un Denneny became a successful farmers agent, being one of the top sellers in the industry became educated and experienced with multi-level insurances. She has expanded and are a rapidly growing top insurance agencies in the northwest. Un Denneny insurance agency inc, 2011, is now growing and changing again to offer more choices to the public and we are proud to now change our name to Key Harbor Insurance Group, Inc. (KHIG) and bringing on more agents to supply the best customer service in this very competitive industry.

About Us

Key Harbor Insurance Group, Inc. (KHIG) was incorporated in 2013. We are now able to provide effective, cost saving, and creative risk solutions to all types of insurance needs, with professional and superior protection with the best insurance product for each client. While preserving the entrepreneurial spirit of the American independent insurance agent, the founder recognized that as a profitable, productive group, we could offer a wider array of products and services to customers and the communities in which they lived.